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Brewmasters Crawford Moran and Kevin McNerney are in charge of nearly 70,000 gallons of beer, so be nice to them! Crawford is formerly of Dogwood Brewing and oversees both the North and Westside locations. Kevin helped to build SweetWater Brewing Company, and also formerly of both Avery and Mammoth Brewing Company.

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Westside Featured brew: Honeymoon Belgian (style) Ale, Westside Beers

Prado Featured brew: Cartoon Brune , an Abbey stle Brown Ale.Prado Beers

North Featured brew: Cloud Nine Barleywine, Rich, deep, mysterious.North Beers

Savor the Ropa Vieja at 5 Seasons Alpharetta location.
North Menu

Dig in to some Grilled Ravioli at 5 Seasons Westside location.
Westside Menu

Enjoy Georgia Rabbit Enchiladas at 5 Seasons Prado location.
Prado Menu

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NOTE: Groupon is only for the Prado location

Westside VALENTINE'S Menu


Organic Beets, Cured Organic Salmon Rosette Bouquet, Chocolate Balsamic,

Asparagus, Creme Fraiche & Cucumber Thorns


Coldwater Oysters on the Half Shell, Black Caviar, Candied Kumquats & Baby Greens


Sequatchie Cove Beef Tenderloin Tartare, Soy, Lime, Radish, Pickled Mushroom,

Toasted Sesame, Wasabi, Crispy Wonton


Carrell Farms Water Buffalo Bone Marrow, Crispy Bread, Raspberry, Chimichurri, Smoked Salt


Venus Braised GA Organic Alpaca Ribs, Chocolate BBQ Sauce,

Caramelized Sweet Onion, Local Honey



Venison Tenderloin, Bacon-Butter Potato Confit, Strawberries,

Candied Walnuts, Baby Arugula, Red Wine Reduction


Crispy Riverview Farms Pork Loin, Braised Greens, Sweet Tea Syrup, Creamy Grits, Citrus Zest


"Surf-n-Turf" Alpaca & Roasted Sweet Pepper Ravioli, GA Organic MushroomS, Vidalia Onions, Spinach, Asparagus Tips, Gulf Shrimp Cream, Parmesan Cheese & White Truffle Oil


Seasonal Fresh Catch, TBD!


Grand Marnier "Wasted" Berries, Vanilla Cream, Citrus Polenta Crumbles


(Add a choice of bottle of wine, champagne OR 750ml bottle-conditioned beer available       $25)

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Growlers? Heck Yeah!

Do you love 5 Seasons’ beer? If you would like to buy beer to-go from us, please contact your GA elected officials regarding legislation HB 314 currently introduced to allow growler sales at brewpubs just like us. Now that you know click here to SIGN OUR PETITION!!!

It’s important that the lawmakers hear from you because we can’t do it alone. Please help so that you can enjoy our beer at home and make GA be the craft beer destination that it should be. Click here to contact your elected officials.

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