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cask5 Seasons Brewmaster: Kevin McNerny

As part of a sustainable, natural cycle, we add our brewer’s spent grain to our home-baked bread and share the rest with a local organic farm, where it is composted to grow our vegetables.We believe in conserving the spirit of the farm and supporting local farmers. 5 Seasons Brewing is acknowledged as the center of Atlanta’s beer culture. From our location each year, we craft over 40 styles to try to please every beer lover.

Beers on Tap
Belgian Wit

This 500 year old Belgian style wheat beer became nearly extinct until the late 1970's when Pierre Celis revived a languishing brewery in Hoegaarden and began brewing Witbier again. Ours in an affressive Wit, brewed with 50% wheat then delicately spiced at the end of the boil with drie Curacao Bitter Orange Peel, Sweet Orange Peel and Corriander.  We add hops 3 times to balance the crisp, refreshing flavors of the unique brew.

Kilt Lifter Scotch Ale
Highlanders and Lowlanders agree, a good kilt lifting on occasion raises the spirits. With gentle roasted graininess and a touch of sweetness, Kilt Lifter is warm and strong enough for all you lads and lasses.

Hopgasm IPA
Hopgasm is Brewmaster Kevin McNerney's inaugural release at 5 Seasons.  It is a west coast India Pale Ale,
bold in every sense.  It invites you with a nose far more intriguing than most IPAs.  We use 5 different hops,
including Simcoe and Amarillo, which give an incredibly rich bouquet and a pleasurable mouth feel.  It has a
solid malt backbone and a sumptuous aftertaste that will make you want multiple Hopgasms.
Cartoon Brune

This is a little know Belgian style in America.  It is an Abbey stle Brown Ale. Walnut in color, it has the famous Belgian fruity and estery nose with a rich sweetness backed up with notes of roasted grain and banana. We brew this with seven different German and Belgian malts and an exotic spice once favored by monks and mystic healers.

Chug Monkey
A golden ale made with a touch of flaked maize and lightly hopped.  It's crisp, refreshing, and very drinkable.  Our lawnmower beer, but don't drink and mow!  Drink here!
Pony Up! Pale Ale

Everything you could ever want in a Pale Ale!  Pony Up is a well balanced Pale.  It has a delightful hop aroma with subtle citrus and grapefruit notes and a mild bitterness.  This beer drinks nice and easy.  Enjoy a few in the summer sun and have fun!

A German Bock bier brewed for the late spring.  Golden pale in color with a lot of maltiness, sweetness and body offset by the alcohol warmth of a strong beer.  Hoppier than our Munchner, but not bitter.  The hops balance the sweetness without dominating. A really "big" beer.
Farmhouse Ale

Le Saisonniers were seasonal workers that worked on the farms and often paid with beer for their labor.  The Farmhouse Ale refers to country beers brewed on self sufficient farms as a matter of necessity.  It is a tribute to all community farmers and their CSA's (Community Supported Agriculture).  This Saison uses local wildflower honey, producing a unique hint of sweetness.  European hops, which contribute a slight spice, along with a mild tartness from a Belgian style yeast, results in a refreshing, thirst quenching ale.  It is with great pleasure that we serve so many local ingredients.


Chef David Larkworthy

"By volume, David Larkworthy uses more locally grown produce than any other chef in Atlanta. As chef and co-owner of the 5 Seasons Brewing Company, Larkworthy is a bit of an anomaly. His high-volume restaurant serves up to 1,000 people a day, and his food is affordable and accessible. Yet Larkworthy cares just as much as the city's fine-dining chefs about ingredients and quality, and the survival of local farmers." - Creative Loafing

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Brewmaster Kevin McNerney

mcnerny5 Seasons Brewmaster Kevin McNerny started his carrer in beer as Head Brewer of Avery Brewing Company in Boulder, opened Mammoth Brewing Company, a brewpub nestled in the beautiful Sierra Nevada Mountains, and also helped to build SweetWater Brewing Company. Kevin was excited for the opportunity to become Brewmaster of 5 Seasons, Sandy Springs. He lives in Sandy Springs and has been a loyal fan of The “5” from the beginning. Read More!

Meet the Team

guestAt the 5 Seasons we are very fortunate to have many great customers and co – workers.  Most of the people who are involved with the 5 are here because they care.  They want to be part of something that has real substance and value.


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